Brijuni Island

Brijuni Island

Since 27.10.1983. Brijuni are a national park. From small place Fažana you can take ship and visit national park. It is also known as Brijuni islands and it is a group of 14 small islands situated in the northern Adriatic Sea. The largest island is called Veliki Brijuni Island (also known as Brioni Grande or Veli Brijun). The other islands are: Mali Brijun, San Marco, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supin, Supinič, Galija, Grunj, Krasnica (Vanga), Madona, Vrsar, Jerolim and Kozada.



On Brijuni is a mild Mediterranean climate, rich with sunny days and warm weather which is perfect for flora.

The most famous tree on the Brijuni island is olive tree, it has  been there more than 1600 years. During a  storm in 1970 the olive split open, but even today the olive tree fructifies an it is used to produce olive oil..

We can find the association of holm oak forests in their typical composition in several areas of Veliki Brijun (the most beautiful one is eastwards of the White villa) and also in some parts of Mali Brijun.

The fauna world on the islands, especially Veliki Brijun, besides the autochthonous species, was enriched by many imported species that are not usually found in this area but got acclimated to it thanks to the almost ideal micro climatic conditions. On Brijuni island You can also see the safari park (since 1978.) situated on the norther edge of Veli Brijun. You can find Indian elephant Lanka, camels, zebras, and antelopes, Somalian sheep, Indian holy cows and donkeys. There is also etno park in safari with typical Istrian animal species like Istrian ox (Boškarin), Istrian sheep (Pramenka), donkeys and goats.

The legend that lives on Brijuni island is Koki, also known as Tito’s parrot. It is a rare example of yellow-crested cockatoos which live up to 100 years. He “speaks”, flaunts and sometimes wants even “give 5”, and besides, there are speculation that the parrot knows many secrets that Brijuni hold…When is in great mood, he will also start talking to You  (Folks, how are you? What’s your name? Koki, Hello, Tito…).

On the western coast of Brijuni, along Verige Bay, stands a magnificent Roman villa rustica. Its construction began in the 1st century BC, and it achieved its greatest splendor in the 1st century AD.

While you are on the island You must also visit the historical Tito’s collection. Josip Broz Tito received many gifts from many delegates which came to visit him, especially  animals for his safari park, both live and stuffed ones. All animals that where once brought to the Brijuni zoo and safari park, as well as their young born on Brijuni, where stuffed after they had died. This is how the large collection developed, which has been arranged since 1986.

There is also a photo exhibition (since 1984.)  of Josip Broz Tito on Brijuni. Through the period of 30 years many visits  by different delegations, ambassadors, governments, ministers, statesmen, friends as well as famous persons from the world of culture, art and science were recorded. In the museum you can see flags of 60 country’s of the world whose representatives, 90 of them, visited Brijuni.

There are also other exhibition that you can see: exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic inscriptions of Istria and Kvarner, or memories of an old Austrian.
On the island is also a President’s Residential or “White villa” as they called it, “home” of all presidents.

This national park has 3 hotels that are open for visitors: Istra, Neptun and Karmen, and 3 villas: Villa Dubravka, Villa Lovorka and Villa Primorka.

On the island You can even organize Your wedding,  team building or other events, and during the summer,  the whole island Mali Brijun becomes a theater, moving the performance from one spot to another.