Croatian gastronomy II

Dalmatian gastronomy

The cuisine of Dalmatia and islands  is a world known Mediterranean cuisine. The main ingredients in food preparation are one of the healthiest on the world: olive oil, plenty of fish, vegetables and self-sown herbs.



In this area we have famous Dalmatian wines like Dingac and Postup from the Peljesac Peninsula, Babic from Primosten, Vugava and Plancic from the island  Hvar, and Posip. Grk from Korcula and Marastina from the island of Lastovo, etc. We also have to mention Prosecco (a sweet dessert wine), strong grape (loza) and herbal brandies (travarica) and liqueurs like Maraschino and Vlahov.


In Dalmatia and islands, lamb is also very highly valued dish. Lamb can be boiled or baked on an open fire. With lamb, often is served a mixture of cultivated and self-sown vegetables.In many restaurants you can find typical Dalmatian dish pasticada with gnocchi or Aramaic – stuffed vine leaves.



But the mostly common dish in the Dalmatia is a fresh sea fish (grilled, boiled or marinated),  molluscs (squid, cuttlefish, octopus), crustaceans (shrimps, lobster) and shellfish (mussels, oysters, date-shells) boiled in a fish stew or as a main ingredient in risotto.



For deserts in Dalmatia are used dried figs with raisins, almond and honey. Deserts that You have to try are rafioli, mandulat, smokvenjak and the  delicious gingerbread biscuits from the island of Hvar – Rožata.


Enjoy your meal!!!!