About Motovun

In the northern part of Istria, overlooking on the Mirna River valley, lies the medieval town Motovun. The town is situated on a hill 277 meters above the sea level.

Entering in the old town with a car is not allowed..


Around the town is a long wall, from which You’ll have the most beautiful view over Mirna River valley and inland of Istria.



There is only one entrance to the town, the town’s gate. Above the entrance You can see the Lion with opened book (this was the symbol of Venetian warriors and meant they were in peace, taking time for learning and fun). It is the only remaining copy of the symbol.

On the small city square You will see the late Renaissance church of St.Stephen from the 17th century. Nearby is the bell tower with crenelated crown from the 13th century.


Even do is a small town, Motovun is well known in the world.

It is a place of Motovun film festival, one of the biggest film festivals in Croatia. The number of visitors grows every year.

Underneath the Motovun is a big old forest, that use to be a main resource for building Venetian ship fleet and is also one of the biggest finding of truffels. Every year in October and September, the truffle festival is organized in Livade, village nearby Motuvun.


After having a taste of Istrian cousine, well known by truffles, pršut and excellent wines,   you can relax in spa  Istarske toplice which are situated at the foot of 85 meter high rock, on the mineral spring water St. Stephen. They originate back from the ancient time, on the remains of old buildings.

Motovun is an old and a small town, but it will win You over with its charm, mystery and fantastic cousine.