Plivice lakes

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes are the most beautiful national park in Croatia,  well known in Europe.


Plitvice Lakes are public property since 1949 and since 1979  they are accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage. Movie “Winnetou” was filmed on the lakes.

There is an old legend which talks about Plitvice Lakes.
According to it, the Plitvice lakes were created after a long drought. People, animals and plants were dying without water. The started to pray. Then,  the Black Queen came to the valley with here magnificent retinue. She felt sorry for the people and invoke the heaven for strong wind and thunder followed by rain. It was raining for so long until the water level has grown enough to form a lake. This is how the Plitvice Lakes came to life.

National park contains many lakes, waterfalls and caves. There are 16 connected lakes betwen Mala Kapela Mountain and Pjesevica Mountain. The lake system is divided into the upper and lower lakes.  Upper lakes create a system of 12 connected lakes: Proščansko lake, Ciganovac, Okrugljak, Batinovac, Big Lake, Small lake, Vir, Galova, Milino lake, Gradinsko lake, Veliki Burget and Kozjak.  Lakes Proščansko and Kozjak are the two biggest lakes in the national park.  Lake Kozjak is the last one in sequence and the legend says that his name was formed after 30 goats drowned when they crossed the coast on a small island, fleeing from wolves. On the lake is situated a small Štefanija island.
Lower lakes are: Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluđerovac and Novakovića Brod.  On the end of the lake Novakovića Brod you can see a 25 meters long waterfall that crashes in extended recess called Sastavci. It joins with the water stream Plitvice which overflows over 78 meters high waterfall called Veliki Slap (The Big cascade) . At the end of it begins the Korana River.
In the national park You can also visit Cave Šupljara, protected as geomorphology natural monument in 1964.

On the park area You can find different flora and fauna world. Around 2/3 of the national park is covered with wood and in the park you can see 55 species of orchids.

Plitvice Lakes are home of  European brown bear, wolf, eagle and capercaillie. There are records of 126 species of bird and in the cave you will also find different bat species.

People visit Plitvice lake during the whole  year. Lakes are breathtaking  in all period, but maybe the most beautiful sight is in the winter when everything is covered with the snow and ice.

For the last few years You can even get married  in Plitvice lakes.