Poreč is only city in Istria that has monument under UNESCO protection that is Euphrasian Basilica.
Poreč is almost 2000 years old town.



How to arrive in Porec?

You can arrive by car, see or bus.

In the city You can use also panoramic train, bus and taxi.

Weather in Porec

Poreč has Mediterranean climate, that means that Summer is war with average temperature of 30°C and winters have average temperature of 6 °C.

Best beaches are in Poreč, because this town has 21 Blue Flag (Blue Flag means that sea water has high quality).
Plava Laguna (Blue Lagoon) has 9 blue flags, Poreč Riviera has 8 flags,  in marina is 1 flag and town beaches has 3 flags.

Beaches in Poreč:
a) The Borik beach it has beautiful view on old city of town.  Beach is partly cemented and partly pebbly
b) The Oliva Beach is situated on the island of St. Nicholas, just opposite the city of Poreč port. This beach it is great for older people and family’s with small children
c) Beach Gradsko kupalište is one kilometer from city center, and the coast of the beach is 1300 meters long.
d) Beach Lotosi it is nice sandy beach
e) The Brulo beach is a partly rocky, partly built resort beach, situated in the tourist resort Brulo, on the southern edge of the city of Poreč. On this beach everybody will find a place for them self.


Things to see and do in Porec

Most famous monument in Poreč is Euphrasian Basilica under UNESCO protection from 1997. It was built in 5th century that the original church was first expanded in the 6th century.

Euphrasian Basilica
The old city street layout preserved Roman castrum. Main streets Dekumanus and Cardo Maximus still preserved in its original ancient form.

Marafor was a Roman square (forum) with two temples. One of them, built in the 1st century, was dedicated to the Roman god Neptune.

There are also preserved a few houses from the Roman period (Roman house on Marafor), as well as some beautiful Venetian Gothic palaces.
The rich treasury of old-city monuments belongs to the Roman House dating from the 13th century, the House of Two Saints dating from the 15th century and the baroque interior of the Istrian Parliament.  As it grew outside the city walls, medieval churches sprung up in the city and the church Lady of Angels, built in the 18th century, rises on Trg Slobode (Freedom Square).

Roman House

Also beautiful monument to see is Pentagonal tower it is located at beginning of the central street, Decumanus, at the entrance of the heart of the old city.
If You have enough time one evening You can go in small town near Poreč, at Višnjan (13 kilometers from Poreč) because there is observatory.
Every evening in city are open many gallery’s, stores with Venetian mask’s, stores with souvenir and clothes.

Pentagonal tower

After sight seeing it will be good to relax and eat something good in restaurant or pizza place.
Good restaurants with typical Istrian dishes are Peterokutna kula, Dvi murve, 2 Ferala.
Two best pizza places are pizzeria Nono and pizzeria Dali.

Night life in Poreč is really the best, in the city You have many bars that are open till late in the night.

There are also a great night bar’s like Saint&Sinners (in city centar), club Byblos (in Plava Laguna) and Club Plava and Villa Club.

Now as You have had a beautiful evening it is time to go sleep.
Poreč has every type of accommodation that You wish, hotels, tourist villages, private accommodation, camps…
If You wish to stay in city center there is hotel Palazzo a nice 4 star hotel.  Family hotel is hotel Delfin it has four beds rooms.  In this town You can find economical hotels that are not so expensive and 4 star hotel that are very nice and more expensive.
If You like a tourist villages there You have: village Lanterna and Lanterna Sunset, Astra, naturist village Ulika.
Private apartments are very nice and close to the see in all parts of the city.

hello it is time to have some sport fun!
Beautiful Poreč has everything what You can imagine:
– diving
– fishing
– sailing
– jet ski and water ski
– biking
– golf
– carting
– tennis and table tennis
– volleyball