Things to do in Pula – Weather, Beaches and Cultural infomations about Pula

About Pula

Pula is one of the biggest and oldest cities of the Istrian peninsula with 3 000 years of history. Cultural attractions, monuments from Roman Empire, beautiful beaches, festivals, cuisine and many other attractions makes this city one of the most visited towns in Croatia.

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How to arrive in Pula? 

You can arrive by plane, sea, train, bus or car. Many low cost companies flights to Pula international airport so you can come here in fast and cheap way. Also main highways are modern and well connected to this beautiful old city.

Weather in Pula

The climate is Mediterranean which means summers are sunny, warm with high temperature. Winters are sometimes cold because of wind “bura”.

Beaches in Pula


With it’s long coast, Pula is well known for it’s beautiful beaches. Some of the most visited beaches are:
a)  Ambrela beach – situated at the entrance of the tourist settlement Verudela.
b) Hawaiian beach – also on Verudela and it’s favorite beach among the young people. Here, the sea so blue it seems like you are on Hawaii.
c) Gortanova Uvala – situated at Lungomare (promenade close to sea). This is pebble beach great for families with small children
d) Zlatne stijene – rocky beach
f) Galebove stijene Stoja and Kanjon (Verudela) – if you are brave enough and want experience the high cliff jumps, this are the beaches for you


What to do in Pula?

Here is the most important things you can do in this beautiful Istrian city:

Panoramic city tour with Pula city tour bus. This is a great chance to see all the cultural and historic sights and all attractions of Pula. Bus ticket is valid for 24 hours and you can go on and off from the bus as many times as you wish. Bus has audio system providing tours in 11 languages. Tour starts in front of the Amphitheater.



Visit Romans monuments in old city of Pula.  Amphitheater also known as Arena are symbol of Pula. This is one of the six left amphitheater left in the world. During the summer many concerts and different events are performed in Arena. Some of the world most popular musicians such as Leonard Cohen, Sting, Joe Cocker, Tom Jones, Elton John, Manu Chao and many others were performing in Arena.  One of the most attractive sports event was a hockey match in September 2012.


Go further to the city center and you will see the attractive monuments from Roman Empire: Twin Gates (Porta Gemina), The Gate of Hercules, Arch of the Sergej also known as Golden Gate the only monument that was built by family Sergej .


Walking through main street of the old city you can see many old buildings.  On the Forum, you can see Temple of Augustus next to the Communal Palace.
Walking throught the small streets you can really feel what it was like in the old days, when ancient Romans lived here. In Kandlerova street you can find many gallery, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and also some great fashion stores. Don’t forget to visit The Archaeological Museum of Istria and the Little Roman Theater.

A new attraction in Pula are underground gallery’s Zerostrasse.  Attractive underground tunnels from the Austro-Hungarian period is  now open for visitors – great way to experience something different. Underground tunnel no. 12 is about 400 m long and has a central hall. Its tunnels are 3 – 6 m wide and about 2.5 m high, whereas the temperature is never above 20oC.


After finishing city tour you can go on beautiful Green Market, one of the oldest covered Market, opened in December of 1903.
From the city center you can take a bus and visit the Naval cemetery (Mornaričko groblje) which is opened in 1862 (about 150 000 people were buried there). Near Naval cemetery there is also a Naval Church. Not far away from Naval cemetery (about 100 m) begins beautiful promenade by the sea (Lungomare). If you take a walk you can enjoy in pretty views and also take a swim on many beaches. If you follow the coast from there  you will arrive in Verudela where is the attractive Aquarium.

Natural Attractions in Pula

Boat trip to Brijuni

It’s highly recommended to visit national park Brijuni, group of 14 islands famous for their beauty. The boat to Brijuni goes every day from small place Fažana which is 10 km from Pula.  Explore the nature heritage, cultural and historical heritage and geological-paleontological heritage of National Park Brijuni.

Kamenjak Nature Park

12 kilometers from Pula near the small village Premantura lies a nature beauty – peninsula Kamenjak. With countless small beaches, amazing landscapes and untouched nature cape Kamenjak attracts thousands of tourist every year. Perfect place for diving, cycling, windsurfing or just enjoying at the crystal blue sea – the choice is yours.

Nightlife in Pula


There a numerous possibilities when it comes to Pula nightlife. During hot summer night you can enjoy in many beach bars like Zeppelin and  Ambrela beach bar at Verudela,  beach bar Pomidor at Lungo mare, Barakuda and Sunset beach bars in Medulin, Pacino beach bar in Puntižela, Safari bar at Kamenjak .
The popular disco bars are Pietas Julia  and disco club Uljanik in city center. If you like the sound of rock music visit the Rock Caffe or bar Mimosa if you prefer metal music. For perfect musical experience go to a concert in Arena – the old Amfiteatar, open sky and stars and perfect acoustic makes an unforgettable experience.

If you prefer festivals there is famous Outlook and Dimension festival and also the biggest biker fest in Croatia


Where to eat in Pula?

The culinary scene of the city Pula is diverse. You will find many pizzerias (some of most popular among locals are Tivoli, Jupiter, Bambino), fast foods (McDonald’s is in the city centre), Mexican restaurant (El Pulari).  If you want to try typical Istrian cuisine popular restaurants are Scaletta (near amfiteatar) Kantina (city center), Milan (near Lungomare promenade), Kažun (at the entrance to the city), Gardelin and many more.

Accommodation in Pula

There are many different type’s of accommodation: hotels, private apartments, hostels, camps, and tourist settlement. You can book accommodation in Pula here:

Hostels in Pula: OH Pula, Cool Book hostel, Pipistrelo hostel.

Private apartments are situated in all parts of city.

Sports activities

Because of the short distances a good way to explore Pula and its surroundings is by bike. There is also a great MTB trails which are very well marked.
There are many football, basketball, tennis and beach volleyball fields. During the summer there are several possibilities for  sports on water including: stand up pedaling,water skiing, windsurfing, jet ski, parasailing, popular banana boat, sea side sailing with glass boat and other.


Enjoy your stay in  Pula!