Republic of Croatia

Republic of Croatia

The official name of our country is Republic of Croatia. First natives arrived on the area of present-day Croatia during the early part of the 7th century.

We are an independent country since 08.10.1991. Decision to be independed was not accepted by Serbia, so the war started. The war ended 05.08.1995 and is one of the most important events in Croatia’s history.




The president of the Republic of Croatia is Ivo Josipović and the Prime Minister is Zoran Milanović. Croatia is an unitary democratic parliamentary republic.
Since 01.07.2013  we are  the 28th member of the European Union.

In Croatia 96% people speak Croatian language, and other well known are English, German and Italian. In Croatia 88% of population are Roman Catholic. Our currency is kuna (HRK) and country code is 00385.



Croatia is located in Central and Southeast Europe, bordering Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia.

The country is divided into 5 regions (Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia, Slavonia and Central Croatia) and has 21 county with the city of Zagreb. The capital of republic is Zagreb which is also the largest city.  Croatia has 56,542 sq km all together with Adriatic sea and more than thousand islands (1246 island). The biggest ones are Krk and Cres.




In Croatia we have continental and Mediterranean climate. The coldest parts are Lika and Gorski Kotar, and the warmest part is Adriatic coast.

Republic of Croatia has 8 national parks:
1. Brijuni
2. Kornati
3. Krka
4. Mljet
5. Paklenica
6. Plitvice lakes
7. Risnjak
8. North Velebit.




Croatia is also rich with natural parks: Bikovo, Kopački rit, Lonjsko polje, Medvednica, Papuk, Telašćica, Velebit, Vransko jezero, Učka, Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje, Lastovsko otočje. We also have two strict reserve’s:  Hajduči i rožanski kukovi and Bijele i samarske stijene.




Croatia has 7 airports: Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik so You can reach any part of our country easily.

The Republic of Croatia is also famous by the large shipyards Uljanik and 3. Maj, by the products Vegeta, tie, Croatian coat of arms.




Today we are well known for being the excellent touristic destination. One of the best things that You will try and see in Croatia is our gastronomy.The famous Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil, excellent wines..all of that is a big part of Croatia. Anywhere You go, You’ll find family restaurants offering home made food and specialties, wine basements and olive oil.  The most appreciated products are Pag cheese, kulen, Slavonian schnapps, truffles, lavender and etc.

Welcome to Croatia!