About Rovinj

Rovinj is the most romantic city on the peninsula Istria. It is not a big town it has around 15000 citizens.


How to arrive in Rovinj?

You can arrive by bus, car or sea.

The motor vehicle traffic in the whole town center is forbidden so you will need to park your car at the town public car parks and go by foot or with a bicycle.

Clime in Rovinj

Rovinj has Mediterranean clime.  Summers are sunny, warm with high temperature and You can swim in see that in August average temperature is 26 -27 degrees. Winters are cold but without snow.

Beaches in Rovinj

Most visited beaches in Rovinj are:
a) Lone Bay, Cuvi beach and Scaraba beach those are one of most visited beaches in Rovinj great for the families with small children
b) Island Katarina close to Rovinj if you like high cliffs and  want to feel the adrenaline on holiday
d) Monte Beach it is the beach in very center of the town perfect if you are staying int center or wish to swim after a long city sightseeing
e) Red Island is a small island in front of Rovinj, to visit this island and enjoy in beautiful beaches you need to go with boat that leaves from the dock in front of the central square M. Tito.
f) Porton Biondi Beach it is the beach with the best look at the old city, it has no natural shadow, but is
always crowd and has nice access to the water
g) Golden by it is
covered with gravel and pebbles suitable for families and children.


What to do in Rovinj?

Here are the things that you can do in this romantic city.

Rovinj was an island first, in year 1763 it was connected to the main land by filing in the channel. When Rovinj was under the Republic of Venice it was one of the most important town, and then were built two rows of walls around the city and seven town gates and today we can see only three town gate: The Gate of St. Benedict, The Portica and The Gate of the Holy Cross.

Gate of St. Benedikt

In town you can also see a late-Renaissance clock tower. As Rovinj before was an island, city was small, because of that ere built narrow houses, streets and small squares. You must see it and you will foll in love with this beautiful town. The most famous monument in the town is the Church of St. Euphemia. St. Euphemia is protectors of the city.The bell tower was designed by the Milanese architect Alessandro Monopola, a replica of the Church of St. Mark in Venice. On top of the tower there is a large copper statue of St. Euphemia that was set in 1758 after the wooden statue was destroyed by a thunder. There is a wonderful view from the tower accessible from inside the church.

Church of St. Euphemia


If you like nature visit Zlatni rt (Golden Cape) and Škaraba Park Forest, this is a beautiful place only 15 minutes walking from city center. Visitors can walk or drive a bike and enjoy the nature.
There is also Palud Ornithological Reserve it is 10 kilometers from Rovinj. In Palud live more then 200 bird species.
One day you can visit two beautiful islands that are in front of Rovinj, island St.  Andrija, also known as the Red island and St. Katarina island are accessible by local ferries that leave from the dock in front of the central square M. Tito. The two islands besides tourist facilities have many attractions like Hütterott’s castle (once was a monastery), the Baron Hütterott’s mausoleum on the neighboring Island of Maškin, connected with the Island of St. Andrija by a path or the prehistoric building on St. Katarina island that is the first inhabited place in the Rovinj region.
Then just 5 kilometers from Rovinj you can see Monkodonja, It is a hill fort occupied about 1800 -1200 BC. The settlement, girded by strong dry walls, is located on the leveled top and wide terraces that originate back to the period when stone blocks were dug out and used for construction.
Rovinj also has a small aquarium and town museum.

Red island

Where to eat in Rovinj?

Rovinj and its surroundings offer you a true experience of traditional meals with great Istrian wines.

Great restaurant are: Orca and Blue here you can eat good Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine. One day you can visit restaurant Mexican La Concha.
Best pizzerias in town are Dario, Maslina and Da Sergio.

Where to sleep in Rovinj?

If You need a place to sleep in Rovinj you can find all types of accommodation like tourist villages, hotels that have 2,3 or 5 stars, private apartments and camping places.
Hotels: 5 stars hotel are Lone and Monte Mulini, less expensive hotels are Eden, Park or Valdaliso.
Tourist villages are Amarin and Valdaliso.
Camp: Valalta (naturist camp), Polari and Veštar
Private accommodation well Rovinj has many different types of apartments as you wish, there are even private houses with swimming pool.

Fun & Sport

In the evening you can relax at cocktail bar Havana I think that you know what will you drink in this bar. Then there is also Valentino Cocktail & Champagene bar. If You wish to dance 15 kilometers from Rovinj is disco club Lighthouse Music Club.

Sport in Rovinj , OK many things you can do here, like:
– bike experience
– sailing or scuba diving
– paintball
– rock climbing