About Split

Split is the biggest town in central Dalmatia, reachable with any kind of transportation.


Weather in Split

As a part of Adriatic coast, Split also has Mediterranean climate, so the summers are long and warm and winters barely have snow in the winter.

Beaches in Split


Split has the most famous beach in Croatia, the Bačvice. It is a large sandy beach where the local citizens play “picigin” (a very famous local game played in shallow with a small ball that shouldn’t fall in the water).
The are also few well known beaches like Furule, 4 km away from town center and a beach Bene under Marjan( a hill over Split).


What to do in Split?

Walking trough the historical center of Split You can see the Romanian walls, squares and temples. The center was built around the remains of Diocletian’s palace and included in UNESCO heritage list.


The palace has well preserved main streets Cardo and Decumanus. It has a four monumental gates: Porta Aurea, Porta Argenta, Porta Ferrea and Porta Aenea. During the year Diocletian Palace turns into the center of cultural events.

In the middle of Diocletian Palace You will come across ‘Getski vrtal’, the only green area inside the city walls. It is known by traditional Dalmatian tiramols (this is how the locals dry their clothes).

What’s interesting about Split is it’s own diverse heritage.

Main square of palace is well preserved Peristil, where you can also see the Egyptian sphinxes, the same ones as in the St. John church which use to be Jupiter’s temple.

Walking away from the city walls you’ll see the bronze statue of Grgur Ninski made by Ivan Meštrović. The legend says if you catch the big toe of the statue, it will bring you happiness or fulfill a desire.

You will also come across St. Duje’s cathedral, the oldest one in the world. It was built as a mausoleum for Roman emperor Diocletian, as a mix of Roman temple and Catolich church.

If You climb to the bell of cathedral, You’ll have a breathtaking panoramic view over the Split, nearby islands and Marjan hill.

Marjan hill is on the west side of the town, a natural oase ideal for long walks, jogging and bike riding. There are also the south cliffs well known by the alpine climbers. On the Marjan hill you will find 3 churches: St. Nicolas, St. Jeronimus and a church Madonna of Betlehem.


We also have to mention the Riva, main city promenade remodeled in 2007 and transformed into a new urban center. If You want to take a break from fast way of life , just take a walk to the oldest part of town Varoš, where everything remained the same as it use to be a long time ago.


Split is the town of many famous Croatian athlets: Goran Ivanišević and Mario Ančić (tennis), Blanka Vlašić (athletic), sisters Ana and Lucija Zaninović (teakwandoo), Toni Kukoč and Dino Rađa (basketball), Slaven Bilić, Aljoša Asanović, Igor Štimac (football), Ivano Balić and Petra Metličić (handball). The most famous sport in Split is definitely football so You can visit Hajduk’s stadium Poljud, the second largest stadium in Croatia, built for Mediterranean games in 1979.


Accommodation in Split

In Split you can find accommodation for any budget, from hostels and apartments to 5 stars hotels.
The biggest are: Atrium, AS, Peristil, Jupiter Luxury hotel, Le Meridien Lav, Globo, Luxe…


Gastronomy and fun

When it comes to a nightlife in Split, You can go clubbing in any part of the town: from Hemingway Bar, Quasimodo, O’Hara, Imperium to restaurants and outdoor bars along the Riva.

You can also have a taste of amazing Mediterranean cousine. From pršut, cheese, gnocchi to excellent wines and a local speciality:Soparnik. Just ask for it when You come to Split and You will be pleasently surprised.


Enjoy your stay in  Split!