Croatian gastronomy

Croatian gastronomy

If You are a person in love with delicious food and wine, You are going to love Croatia. Three regions, three different and unique cuisine, one better then the other.

Every region has its own specialties and the way of preparing the meals. Some recipes are even older than 100 years.


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Explore the villages in Istria

Vodnjan it is a small town 10 kilometers from Pula.Even do is a small town, it is well known on the gastro map of Croatia.Famous by the wines and the best olive oil, it stands out as an excellent destination on Your visit to Istria.

Vodnjan is also known by it’s historical heritage. Near the center, You can find a church of St. Blaž and the biggest belfry in Istria (78 meters high), finished in 1883. Except for wonderful decorations inside the church, You also have a chance to see 6 relic of saints: St. Sebastian the protector of plauge, Sain Leon Bembo, St. Nikoloza Bursa, Saint Ivan Olini, St. Barbara and St. Marija Egyptian.

What is also special about Vodnjan, is the way the town is constructed. It has one of the smallest streets in the world and most of the buildings are connected to each other. There are also more than 30 small churches, unique constructions like Kažun, Bradamante palace and town square which is the center of all events in the summer; art festival, folklore festival, various fairs, theatrical performances, days of olive oil and etc.



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Things to do in Pula – Weather, Beaches and Cultural infomations about Pula

About Pula

Pula is one of the biggest and oldest cities of the Istrian peninsula with 3 000 years of history. Cultural attractions, monuments from Roman Empire, beautiful beaches, festivals, cuisine and many other attractions makes this city one of the most visited towns in Croatia.

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How to arrive in Pula? 

You can arrive by plane, sea, train, bus or car. Many low cost companies flights to Pula international airport so you can come here in fast and cheap way. Also main highways are modern and well connected to this beautiful old city. Continue reading