About Trogir

Trogir is a historical town on the Adriatic Coast, part of a beautiful Dalmatia County.

It is considered as one of the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic cities in the central Europe and it is also included on the UNESCO list of the world’s Cultural Heritage.

It is partly situated on the land and partly on the island Čiovo, connected only by the bridge.


Weather in Trogir

Trogir, as a part of the Adriatic coast, also has a Mediterranean climate, full of warm days in the summer and a cold windy days in the winter.

Beaches in Trogir


One of the most popular beaches in Trogir is Pantan, a sandy beach surrounded with pine forest .

There is also Trogir’s “Copacabana”beach, well known and popular by it’s citizen.


What to do in Trogir?

Famous by it’s historical heritage, Trogir will give You an amazing sightseeing experience, full of old buildings and famous artistic sculptures and decorations.

You can start with church of Saint Nicholas, the only preserved female Benedictine monastery in Trogir. It was built on the ground of a smaller and older church, combined with the southern town’s gate in divine Romaque style. Then, there is a Cathedral of Saint Lawrence whose main portal is a masterpiece made by Master Radovan and decorated by the Andrija Aleši. Built for 4 centuries through the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance an Baroque era, it is one of the greatest representatives of history.


The big part of historical heritage is also the Kamerlengo fortress. It is a part of master Marin Radoje magnificent work from 14 th and 15th century, built as a continuation of the so-called fortress of chains. The name origins from “camerarius”(clerk-cashier) who was responsible for all the financial jobs, arranged by the duke.

Today, it’s a irreplaceable summer stage and cultural center.

Kamerlengo fortress Trogir

Saint Barbara is the oldest preserved Croatian church in Trogir(11th century), situated beside the town’s loggia. It is consisted of the 3 edges with 3 semicircular apses on the east side, church tower in the middle of the dome and a shallow niches on the side walls.

In Trogir, You can also see Cipiko Palace, a breathtaking complex of several building, in which the oldest walls date all the way from the early Middle Ages.


Accommodation and gastronomy

Either You stay in the hotels, private apartments or touristic village, it is inevitable to try the famous Mediterranean cousine.

You will have a wonderful experience of local gastronomy, from wine, olive oil, cheese and pršut to town’s specialties “pašticada” and “rafijol”.

Sport and entertainment

For a day entertainment You can go sight-seeing, explore the Adriatic sea by diving,  rent a boat to visit the nearby islands or just enjoy in the warm Mediterranean days on the beach.

Even do it’s not the biggest town in Dalmatia county, Trogir can offer You an excellent nightlife and entartaiment. Placed on the Adriatic coast, it can offer a lot of restaurants, beach bars and beach parties, working late in the night.